Tipping Etiquette with Anna Post

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Anna Post, the great-great-granddaughter of American etiquette doyenne Emily Post and author of Do I Have To Wear White?: Emily Post Answers America’s Top Wedding Questions, about one of the questions I see most: “Whom do I tip, and how much?”

This can be especially confusing for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings because you’re already paying a 25% service fee that covers certain roles, and other commonly tipped roles are nonexistent or quite different from those at non-Disney weddings.

On today’s show, Anna shares her expertise as the author and co-author of numerous wedding and general etiquette books to dispel common misconceptions about tipping, give you guidelines on whom and how much, and take the anxiety out of this part of the planning process.

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6 thoughts on “Tipping Etiquette with Anna Post

  1. So she said not to worry about tipping cosmetology based on the travel fee, just to make sure, does this also include an early morning fee?

    1. Yes, I would calculate the tip percentage using the base rate for services, not including fees of any kind.

  2. *phew* We read up on “what people usually do for tipping”, but did what we felt was best for our situation. I’m glad that we inadvertently “followed etiquette” and that we haven’t led our friends astray. 🙂 We invited our officiant to the reception, but she declined. We had a contract with her, but I don’t remember tipping her. Glad that was still “optional” though. Though we couldn’t afford to give everyone cash, we have spread the word about our vendors and have left reviews for them so hopefully the fact that they keep getting booked, is like a non-gift/cash “thank you”?:)

    1. That’s a really good point—I’m sure many vendors would feel that positive word-of-mouth, widely broadcast, is even better than a tip!

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