Susan & Jim’s Italy Pavilion Wedding

This week, Susan Acres-McCollum shares the story of her Wedding Pavilion ceremony, Italy Isola West Plaza dinner and Italy Plaza cake-cutting and dance party. She and Jim were able to save 60% on their Disney Floral costs by switching from flowers to greenery and having Disney reuse the same arrangements in different vases for all six of their events: ladies’ lunch, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and finally the farewell breakfast. Today Susan shares tons of great money-saving advice; how she and Jim surprised  guests by arriving at the reception on the arms of Mickey, Minnie, and Donald; and why she’s so glad she added Cinderella’s Glass Coach at the last minute.

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Wedding: © Root Weddings /  Magic Kingdom + EPCOT Portraits: © Disney Fine Art Photography – Michael Vu

© Switzerfilm

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