Steph & Matt’s California Grill Wedding

Today, Steph Pollock shares the story of her Wedding Pavilion ceremony, California Grill reception and Terrace des Fleurs dessert party. One of her and Matt’s top priorities was giving guests uniquely Disney experiences, from brunch at their favorite restaurant with a surprise appearance by Christmas Mickey and Minnie to a fireworks dessert party inside EPCOT with a ride mix-in on Soarin’. Steph also discusses how she worked within the constraints of California Grill’s menus and how she was able to save money to pay for all those Disney touches!

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Wedding Day: © That First Moment / Magic Kingdom: © Disney Fine Art Photography – Madi Copeland & Corinne Karnatz / EPCOT: © Disney Fine Art Photography – Corinne Karnatz & Taylor Regulski

Video © Merrily Married Media

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