Olivia & Nathan’s Tower of Terror Wedding

Today, Olivia Ledbetter shares the story of her Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress ceremony, Mexico Vista Harmonious cocktail hour, and Tower of Terror reception—plus a welcome party at Tamu Tamu Courtyard and two ride mix-ins! She and Nathan decided to move their ceremony off site so they could have more control, use an outside floral vendor, and take advantage of Just Marry‘s planning services. In this episode, Olivia offers her top tips for combining an off-site ceremony with a Disney reception, including how to relax and enjoy your wedding day even if you’re a Type A planner!

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Wedding: © Catherine Coons for Stephanie Velez / Magic Kingdom: © Disney Fine Art Photography — Stephanie Caldwell / Wizarding World of Harry Potter: © David & Vicki Arndt Photography

2 thoughts on “Olivia & Nathan’s Tower of Terror Wedding

  1. Hi Carrie!

    Thanks so much for your amazing guide and resources. We’re about 5 months away from our DFTW at the Yacht Club. I’m sure that you have been getting a lot of feedback since the pandemic about the increasing challenges that couples are having with their planning and events similar to this couple. Honestly I could not imagine trying to do with without your guide and website which I visit on the daily. Your resources are far better than what DFTW are providing. I was wondering, now that the process has become so much more difficult if you would ever offer consulting services? Personally I would love to be able to have time to ask for your feedback and expertise during the planning process and I bet many others would as well.

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