How to Have a Wishes Wedding for the Minimum Expenditure

When considering a Wishes wedding at Walt Disney World, one of the top questions couples ask is, “Is it really possible to get married for the minimum expenditure listed on the website?” — and for many, that answer is the one thing that will determine whether they can have a Disney wedding.

On today’s show, Disney bride Jessica Scott and I discuss how we kept our wedding budgets right at Disney’s minimums and still had room to splurge on the elements that meant the most to us—and how you can do it too!

NOTE: The lower set of “Mini Wishes” minimum expenditures discussed at the beginning of this episode have since been discontinued. However, the rest of the episode offers lots of great tips that will help you save no matter what your minimum expenditures are.

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5 thoughts on “How to Have a Wishes Wedding for the Minimum Expenditure

  1. Hello Carrie,
    Love your book, website and podcast! Is this still current—in particular the discounted prices for Tues/Wed?

    Thank you in advance for your reply,

    1. Hi Kimberley! You know what, that part of the show is now out of date. They discontinued the “mini Wishes” pricing, as it came to be called, last year. However, the money-saving tips portion of the episode does still apply. Let me add a note to this post, and I’ll try to get a new episode recorded this year that addresses ways to save on Wishes even with today’s higher minimums.

      1. Thanks Carrie—just wishful thinking on my part. I thought I read or heard in another podcast that they had canceled the “mini Wishes” and definitely lots of great tips nonetheless!

        I am also so curious about the Scavenger Hunt that this bride did do you know anything else about it?

        Thanks for all of your diligent work!

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