Cruise Wedding Spotlight: Jillian & Michael

This week I chat with Jillian Pariona about her wedding aboard the Disney Dream last fall. While many of the weddings done aboard the Disney Cruise Line are small elopement-style events, Jillian and Michael had a large guest list and a more traditional event, complete with lots of DIY projects. Jillian offers some great tips for customizing this kind of wedding aboard a ship, plus a detailed timeline for her day. She also discusses the predeparture legal ceremony and what it’s like to bring your own photographer along.

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2 thoughts on “Cruise Wedding Spotlight: Jillian & Michael

  1. Lots of great tips! We are planning our wedding cruise now for 2019/2020 (allows everyone time to plan). We have a guest list of 132 people right now and climbing as hubby’s family gets added to the list. Glad to see someone else who had a “larger” party on a cruise ship. Thankfully we will be the only party on board so I hope it still makes for a fun time. Never having been on a cruise we are not sure what to expect. We tried to plan a Disney wedding in 2015 but Jeff (the sales person) never got anything done so we got married by a notary on a beach with plans to “do it big” for our 5 year anniversary. Getting all the information right now to start working with the Disney cruise line people. Her information was really helpful! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Thank you so much Jillian! This is the best information yet on Disney Cruise Line Weddings. My daughter is getting married on the Dream this December and I have passed along your great tips to her. You were such a beautiful bride and your wedding pictures are fantastic. I know you and Michael will have a wonderful life together. Again, many special thanks for the Podcast.

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