Caitlin & Omar’s After Hours UK Pavilion Wedding

Today, Caitlin Christmas and Omar Hernandez share the story of their ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion, After Hours reception at EPCOT’s UK Courtyard, dessert party at Norway Loft and Germany Promenade A & B with Frozen Ever After ride mix-in, and welcome party at Tamu Tamu Courtyard with Safari mix-in! You’ll hear how they worked within the unique restrictions of an After Hours event, where they saved in order to splurge, and the best menu items from all their events! Plus, Caitlin and Omar offer their best advice for anyone planning a Walt Disney World wedding or vow renewal.

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Wedding, Welcome Party & Dessert Party: © Root Photography / Magic Kingdom & EPCOT Portraits © Disney Fine Art Photography

United Kingdom Wedding at Epcot | Caitlin & Omar from Heart Happy Films on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Caitlin & Omar’s After Hours UK Pavilion Wedding

  1. We were so sad when we realized that AAR had such a large guest count requirement and GM lounge was going to be under construction, until we found this gallery!

    The UK Gazebo Courtyard is everything we’ve been searching for and we can’t wait to have a reception here! Such a beautiful area.

    Caitlin was so real in her episode too. I enjoyed it a lot. So sad to hear she had such a mediocre experience. She is stunning in her dress though. <3

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