Brendan & Xu’s Italy Isola Wedding

Today, Brendan O’Brien and Xu Wang share the story of their Wedding Pavilion ceremony and Italy Isola reception. You’ll hear how they customized their ceremony with a mother-son dance at the beginning and a private first dance at Picture Point at the end, eliminating the need for a musician or DJ at their reception. They also discuss how they requested a Zoom call with the chef at their venue in order customize their menus, and how they managed to get extra time for their Magic Kingdom and EPCOT portrait sessions just be being ready early!

Listen now!

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Wedding Day: © David & Vicki Arndt Photography  / Magic Kingdom:  © Disney Fine Art Photography – Madi Copeland and Ty Boyce / EPCOT:  © Disney Fine Art Photography – Corrine Karnatz and Madi Copeland

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