Alley & Isaac’s Animal Kingdom Wedding

This week, Disney bride Alley Moore and her mom, Missy Smith, share the story of Alley’s Tree of Life ceremony, Festival of the Lion King reception, and Terrace des Fleurs welcome party with Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride mix-in. They were initially leery of using Festival of the Lion King but needed an indoor venue so they could have amplified entertainment after midnight, and today they share all the pros and cons of using the space, plus tips on making it feel more like a wedding venue. You’ll also hear how guests reacted to the late-night ceremony and reception times and what Alley and Missy would change about their events.

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Wedding: © That First Moment / Magic Kingdom: © Disney Fine Art Photography – Bennett Stoops

4 thoughts on “Alley & Isaac’s Animal Kingdom Wedding

    1. Yes! All of Alley’s venues required her to work with Disney for her floral and decor. Disney has since partnered with Florida Fresh Floral, but they should be able to re-create anything you see that you like!

  1. Do we know who did he hair and make up? Her hair is gorgeous and I didn’t hear her mention it in the outside vendors question:(

    1. Yes! She had Stacie Otto for the dessert party and Laura Reynolds for all her other events. I know it’s not the easiest way to find them, but if you check out the @disneywedcast Instagram posts for each wedding, I have the hair and makeup artists (and all the other vendors) tagged in each post.

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