Adding First-Look Photos to Your Wedding Day

More and more couples are opening up to the idea of a wedding day “first look,” the practice of seeing each other for the first time privately, with only photographers present to capture the moment. Not only does it free couples to shoot their wedding portraits before the ceremony (eliminating the need for a pricey and boring prereception cocktail hour for guests), it gives them an intimate moment of emotional connection before the wedding-day whirlwind begins.

On today’s show, two brides and a groom discuss their first looks. First up is future bride Kristin Samuel, who changed her mind about the first look when she realized that all the married couples she knew either wished they’d had one or had no regrets about having one. Next, groom Matt Frohn describes how magical his first look with bride Nikki was, and how it actually enhanced the experience of watching her walk down the aisle later that day. And finally, Shana Woody-Kopaniasz describes the unique and emotional spin she put on the first-look concept by surprising her father.

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Nikki & Matt

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6 thoughts on “Adding First-Look Photos to Your Wedding Day

  1. I know the “first look” is a personal decision for each couple, but I’m glad we were able to have one. With the fact that we had an in-park photo shoot to start our wedding day, it only made sense to see each other before the ceremony. It didn’t make our turn down the aisle any less special and I’m glad we got to hang out before saying “I do”. 🙂

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