First Steps for the Newly Engaged — 2016 Edition!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the most popular holidays for proposals, and if you recently became engaged, congratulations! This year I’ve rerecorded the popular “First Steps for the Newly Engaged” episode to reflect all the 2016 pricing and details for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings.

Whether you’ve been planning your Disney wedding in your head for years or you just discovered that Disney does weddings, today’s show has the steps and tips that will set you on the path to your dream Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding. Disney bride Sarah Thurman and I will help you with the first four crucial steps: figure out if you can afford a Disney wedding, pick a date, estimate the number of guests, and prepare for your first call to Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings.


•  Memories Collection Overview 

•  Escape Collection Overview & FAQ

•  Mini Wishes Catered Event Overview (Update: 50-guest max and only available January – April and July – August)

•  Wishes Collection Overview

•  How To Have A Wishes Wedding For The Minimum Expenditure 

•  Disneyland Escape Collection Events

•  Cruise Collection Overview

CLICK HERE to listen now! Option-click or right-click to download an MP3!

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