Cruise Wedding Spotlight: Jillian & Michael

This week I chat with Jillian Pariona about her wedding aboard the Disney Dream last fall. While many of the weddings done aboard the Disney Cruise Line are small elopement-style events, Jillian and Michael had a large guest list and a more traditional event, complete with lots of DIY projects. Jillian offers some great tips for customizing this kind of wedding aboard a ship, plus a detailed timeline for her day. She also discusses the predeparture legal ceremony and what it’s like to bring your own photographer along.

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2 thoughts on “Cruise Wedding Spotlight: Jillian & Michael

  1. Thank you so much Jillian! This is the best information yet on Disney Cruise Line Weddings. My daughter is getting married on the Dream this December and I have passed along your great tips to her. You were such a beautiful bride and your wedding pictures are fantastic. I know you and Michael will have a wonderful life together. Again, many special thanks for the Podcast.

  2. Lots of great tips! We are planning our wedding cruise now for 2019/2020 (allows everyone time to plan). We have a guest list of 132 people right now and climbing as hubby’s family gets added to the list. Glad to see someone else who had a “larger” party on a cruise ship. Thankfully we will be the only party on board so I hope it still makes for a fun time. Never having been on a cruise we are not sure what to expect. We tried to plan a Disney wedding in 2015 but Jeff (the sales person) never got anything done so we got married by a notary on a beach with plans to “do it big” for our 5 year anniversary. Getting all the information right now to start working with the Disney cruise line people. Her information was really helpful! Thank you so much!!!

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