Demystifying the Room Block

One of the major requirements of a Wishes or Couture Collection event at Walt Disney World (and now an optional way to save on all types of weddings at Disneyland) is that you fill a certain number of room nights at Disney-owned hotels. Part of this requirement is setting aside a block of rooms at one or more Disney resorts that your guests can use at a discount, a process that must be completed before you can sign a contract and put down a deposit for a Wishes event.

The rules and requirements of the guest accommodation minimum and the room block can be fairly overwhelming to those just starting to plan a wedding, vow renewal or commitment ceremony. On today’s show, Disney bride Wendy Gatarz and I attempt to demystify the process by explaining the difference between the minimum and the block, how the room block works for guests, and how it works for you. We also offer tips that will help you decide which resorts to block and for how many nights, plus our take on the best way to set up your block.

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2 thoughts on “Demystifying the Room Block

  1. We took your suggestion of including another resort just for us but not making it available to our guests. However, when someone called about our block, our secret resort was listed as an option, bringing up two questions. First, how would we make one resort unavailable to our guests without actually removing it from the room block so we can use it? Second, if we booked ourselves now into our resort, thereby using up all the rooms in that block, does that necessarily make that resort unavailable to our guests, or could our guests still book there and still obtain the discounted rate? (We don’t want them to be able to book at our resort at all.)


    1. Hi Cliff! The resort would only unavailable to guests if it’s completely sold out. You don’t need to have remaining blocked rooms there in order for guests to book. The blocked rooms just guarantee that you’ll have AT LEAST that many room nights. Regarding keeping the resort “secret,” it sounds like room block coordinators have been able to book DFTW couples into other resorts with a wedding discount even if that resort isn’t in their block. In that case, you could drop the resort from your block and just have them book you a discounted room separately. Let me know if that works! And thanks for pointing out that guests can still find out about “secret” room block resorts. I hadn’t figured on that. 🙂

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