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What to Say to the Naysayers

This week I welcome back Mindy Marzec, owner of Inspired By Dis and Budget Fairy Tale, to discuss her 18 Ways to Convince Your Family a Disney Wedding Is the Best Idea Ever!

Many Disney brides and grooms face opposition from their friends and families when they announce where they plan to be married, ranging from gentle teasing to outright refusal to attend. Today Mindy shares all the aspects that naysayers may not have considered, whether it’s dispelling myths about the legality of a Disney wedding or pointing out the numerous advantages to being married in one of the country’s top travel destinations. By the time we’re done, you’ll know what to say to every objection!

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Disneyland Escape Collection Spotlight: Beth & Stephen

This week, Disneyland Bride Beth Hays shares the story of her Escape wedding at Disneyland’s Adventure Lawn Gazebo and Mark Twain Ballroom. You’ll hear how Beth added a lot of fun Disney-themed DIY projects to her day and tailored the Escape package to suit her style, plus tips for anyone planning a wedding, vow renewal or commitment ceremony at Disneyland.

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